Hiring a Wedding Band

Things to Think About When Hiring a Wedding Band

There aren’t many events quite as special as a wedding, but as those of you making plans might have realised by now; there’s a shocking amount of things to do to make sure that the big day goes off without a hitch. And hiring a wedding band can be one of them – especially if you’re keen to emanate the right atmosphere and ensure that all of your guests have a great day.

Will any old band do?

Not exactly. In fact, just because a band has a range of instruments, it doesn’t mean that they’ll definitely be able to play the type of music that you’d like for your wedding. One of the first things that you might want to consider is the type of band that you would like to hire. Some specialise in folk music and others in classical tracks instead, so be sure to decide on a style or genre and go from there.

Where can you find a good band?

In the past, most people would have relied on word of mouth to find out about a band that might be able to provide live music for a wedding. These days however, we can find exactly what we are looking for by turning to the internet. Just a quick search for ‘wedding bands near me’, or ‘live bands for a wedding’ should provide the most relevant results.

How can you be sure who to choose?

This is where things can get a bit more complicated, but if you remember these three rules, the chances of you finding the ideal band for your expectations will be much better.

Choose a Genre

As briefly mentioned above it can be massively important to find a band that’s capable of covering tracks that you like, or bringing their own unique musical style to the table if preferred. Most bands are happy to be interviewed before hiring, so it might be a good idea to ask them about their genres of music – or if you’d prefer, take a selection of songs on paper with you to see if they can cater to your tastes. Alternatively, a quick email can cover all of the above in just as much detail.

Define a Budget

Hiring a live band for a wedding can be pretty pricey, but if you know where to look and how to negotiate, you might find yourself saving a pretty penny. If you have a budget in mind then don’t share it with your potential choice – just ask them for a quote for the event and see how it compares to others that you plan on approaching.

Book in Advance

The worst case scenario is that you find your ideal band, but find out that they are no longer available to play at your wedding. To avoid this you might want to place a deposit to secure their attendance, or book them in advance to make sure that they know when to attend your wedding venue.