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Renovating Your Kitchen In Five Easy Steps

Kitchens are high-traffic areas. You spend more than 5 hours a day in it cooking, eating and generally doing social and family things. This means that the room does get dirty and greasy in hard-to-reach areas and periodic renovations are required. However, renovating is not cheap and you do have to invest a good amount of money. Instead of going the whole hog, we recommend you try simple and cheap tricks that will change your kitchen but still be affordable.

Do not move the plumbing, stove and electrical connections — Plumbing and electrical outlets are essential aspects of a kitchen but shifting them around is a huge investment. You may have to take a sledgehammer to the plumbing and this will easily tack on a month to your renovation timeline. Instead, keep these connections in place and plan your changes around them.

Tile the walls — Tiling the walls above the counter is a wonderful way of changing the appearance of the kitchen. There are now special kitchen tiles available that you can buy at discounted rates and tack them on to the walls quickly. This not only changes the appearance of your kitchen immediately but it also works as a easy-to-clean backsplash area. If you find tiles to be too much of a problem, you can easily install glass splashbacks that work in the same way.

Refinish your cabinets and install in-cabinet lighting — This will cost you not more than $100 and it is a super affordable way of revamping your kitchen. For example, you can just sand down the cabinets, repaint them or stain them again and then cover them with a solid coat of gloss. All you require is sandpaper, time, hard work and a unique wood stain. After you’ve completed refinishing the cabinet, you can also install cheap under counter lighting from hardware stores.

Replace the countertop — Countertops get shabby overtime. However, you can easily replace the counter by using laminate countertops. This countertop material is usually affordable and easy to install. Check with local supermarket chains and you will also find pre-cut countertops with sinks and cupboards installed in the counter. All you have to do is remove the old and put in the new.

Paint your appliances — If you have old appliances, you can consider painting them. For example, you can spray paint your refrigerator or your microwave especially if it is an old model. Be a little careful though as the paint fumes may be dangerous.

Install an island — This is very easy to do. All you have to do is get a moveable table and place a readymade counter on top of it. You can place it in the center of your kitchen to act as a moveable counter. In a small kitchen, you can also use the center island as a dining table or a moveable bar counter.

In the end, you should remember that these are all design accents that will make your kitchen look completely different. However, if you have serious problems like leaks, slow drainage and pest; renovate your kitchen completely.